1What is your hourly rate?
We don’t believe in charging hourly rates to our customers. We’ve created a fair and competitive fixed price list for each of our services, so you know what you will pay upfront with no hidden costs. That means if we take a little longer to get the job done, you won’t pay anymore! You can find our price list here, or contact our office for any projects that are a little out of the ordinary.
2What are your working hours?
Our assembly teams work Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm. If you need to speak to someone in our office, you can contact us on 0800 548 269 from Monday to Saturday 8pm to 5pm.
3How far do I need to book in advance?
We are usually able to complete each booking within 3 days from the time you contact us. However, this lead time can be a bit longer at certain times of the year. When you contact us, we will be able to give you a definite time and date that our team can be at your home or office to complete the job.
4Do you need me to be at home when you visit?
We usually prefer someone to be at home to let us in and distract any pets from hassling us for cuddles. But if this not convenient for you, let us know and we’ll work something out.
5How many people do you send?
This depends on the job. Smaller jobs are often handled by just one person, but other jobs will need two.
6What happens to the packaging?
We know that your wheelie bin only holds so much, so we’ll make sure to take away all packaging and recycle accordingly.
7What happens if I’m not happy with your work?
It’s extremely rare that one of our customers is not happy with what we do, but if you find that we’ve made a mistake in any way, let us know so we can make it right asap.
8What payment methods do you accept?
We take cash, cheque, debit card or credit card. Our franchisees carry mobile EFTPOS units. For larger jobs, we do accept bank transfers in advance.
9Do you have any terms and conditions that I can take a look at?
Yes of course! You can view our terms and conditions here.